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About Us

Since our inception,               

KEY9 DISCOVERIES has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality e-Discovery practice.

Key9 Discoveries (K9D) has been established with an aim to provide service to multi client industries and verticals. The services spectrum of K9D focuses on litigation support, primarily invalidity studies and document review services.


Key9 Discoveries (K9D)’s eDiscovery Document Review services are managed by qualified IP attorneys, analysts and legal experts and assist clients in reducing costs, scaling up resources and time spent on reviewing and analyzing the legal documents.

K9D empowers its clients to simplify their eDiscovery document review process by using our teams of litigation experts, technolegal managers and paralegals, who work on our client’s preferred digital platform to provide the desired outcomes.

With extensive experience in all aspects of the eDiscovery process, K9D team works closely with its clients to ensure that the right team is in place as and when required and that critical deadlines are met. Our experts are from different industries and understand the details of the cases under review. Bound by strict confidentiality terms and clauses K9D team performs and delivers for projects from various industry verticals.

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